Welcome to Northwood...

Northwood is a group of associated companies that provide the manufacturing, supply and transportation of away-from-home professional paper hygiene products.

The privately owned Northwood Group began its journey in 1976 when Paul Fecher established Northwood Paper Sales whose primary activity was and continues to be the global sourcing of Paper Grades for the Paper Converting Industry. During this time the focus was to target the supply of parent reels for the Tissue Sector. Over the next 30 years the Fecher family grew the business to become the UK’s largest independent Paper Agent and Supplier of various paper grades to the UK paper converters. In 2001 Adam Fecher joined the business and worked closely in his role within the Tissue section of the company.

In 2008 the opportunity to acquire Kruger Tissue’s UK operations arose which included a recycled Tissue mill and an AfH converting plant and following the purchase the companies were renamed Disley Tissue Ltd and Connect Hygiene Products Ltd.

Over the course of the following years, more pieces of the Northwood manufacturing jigsaw came together. Waste reclamation specialist Ashley Recycling was acquired in 2011 guaranteeing a supply of high quality recycled waste paper for the mill facility. In early 2012 the mill and converting plant of Peter Grant Papers was also acquired by the group and a new logistics company formed as the final part of a fully integrated supply chain solution for the away-from-home paper sector.

The offering from Northwood was further complemented with the JV acquisition of the former Georgia Pacific Paper Mill in Bridgend where consumer Tissue products are manufactured in a fully integrated Tissue Mill and converting plant.

With Northwood Recycling, a waste paper reclamation company providing Northwood Tissue at Disley and Lancaster with recycled waste paper, the mills have a reliable supply of materials to allow the manufacturing of paper reels for conversion. The mother reels are then transported to two Northwood Hygiene converting facilities by Northwood Logistics’ fleet of articulated vehicles. The paper is then converted before being distributed across the country. The complete Northwood supply chain ensures that customers receive quality, responsibly sourced products, delivered both efficiently and reliably.