A market leading non-woven wiping brand, ProWipers offers a range of premium washroom and wiping products to suit most general and industrial applications.

Defined by three key areas, Core Range, Specialist Range and Colour Coded Range, ProWipers offers a cost effective solution that minimises maintenance without compromising on quality or performance.

ProWipers Specifications


  • Core



    This heavy-duty, high performance, multiple use wiper is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding working environments. Extremely strong, durable, virtually lint-free and heat and solvent resistant, it is recognised as a leading brand in its class. Tufwipe is available in folded and rolled formats for convenient use.

     Product CodeColourGSMRoll SizeSheet Size (W x L)Spec Sheet
    PNBF150Blue75-450mm x 300mmDownload
    PNWF150White75-450mm x 300mmDownload
    PNBR400Blue75260mm x 157m260mm x 395mmDownload
    PNWR404White75260mm x 157m260mm x 395mmDownload
    NW700SHBlue (Crepe)75220mm x 114m220mm x 395mmDownload
    NW704BRBlue (Crepe)75250mm x 114m250mm x 395mmDownload
    NW900SHTTurquoise69230mm x 114m230mm x 395mmDownload


    Specifically developed to be a viable alternative for white wiping rags, the ResourceRag is clean, fresh and manufactured to a monster size, giving the user a ‘real handful’ for any wiping application. Chemical free and strong wet or dry, it absorbs up to six times its own weight and has the edge in performance and cost when compared to traditional wiping rags.

     Product CodeColourGSMRoll SizeSheet Size (W x L)Spec Sheet
    NW677RBXWhite74114m x 461mm461mm x 395mmDownload
    NW690RAGWhite74-381mm x 440mmDownload
  • Specialist


    A fully maceratable Airlaid professional wiping option, Absorba is perfect for the medical and leisure industries. Made with non-woven tissue, it is highly absorbent and effective in dealing with liquids like oil and grease. Super soft and versatile, this heavyweight wiper is seriously strong when wet.

     Product CodeColourGSMRoll SizeSheet SizeSpec Sheet
    58050NWhite50215mm x 50m 215mm x 395mmDownload
    58063White50260mm x 130m 260mm x 395mmDownload
    65266White50260mm x 266m 260mm x 395mmDownload
    NW502WRWhite50290mm x 152m300mm x 395mmDownload


    Rightwipe is super soft and absorbent holding up to three times its own weight in water. Its extremely low lint content means that Rightwipe is an excellent polishing wipe. Rightwipe comes boxed to ensure that rolls are kept hygienic.

     Product CodeColourGSMRoll SizeSheet Size (W x L)Spec Sheet
    110140White40250mm x 138m 250mm x 395mmDownload
  • Colour Coded

    Smart Wipe

    Available in four colours, Smartwipe is manufactured from recycled cotton, and delivers a soft, non-abrasive wiping solution that is also kind to the environment. Strong wet or dry, the Smartwipe can hold up to five times its own weight and is virtually lint free.

     Product CodeColourGSMRoll SizeSheet Size (W x L)Spec Sheet
    NW203RRRed50215mm x 190m215mm x 395mmDownload
    NW205YRYellow50215mm x 190m215mm x 395mmDownload
    NW207GRGreen50215mm x 190m215mm x 395mmDownload

Market Sectors

  • Janitorial


    Within the range there are many wipes that the Janitorial sector would benefit from using, especially the colour coded Smart Wipe, the recycled cotton, biodegradable wipe allows for zero cross-contamination.

  • Printing


    Optimum ProWipers offers Printers a range of different products that they would find useful, in particular, the Tufwipe®, available in both Crepe and Smooth the wipe is perfect for picking up ink and paint as well as being super strong and virtually lint free.

  • High Tech

    High Tech

    Optimum ProWipers offers a range of products that are suitable for the High Tech market sector whether that be the Tufwipe the all-purpose cloth or the PolishWipe the more specialist wipe that is extremely low lint.

  • Automotive


    There is a selection of wiping and polishing cloths suitable for any automotive environment across all our Optimum ProWipers ranges. Whether you require low linting wipes or non-woven, highly absorbent tissue, our extensive product range can cater for a variety of automotive applications.

  • Food and Catering

    Food and Catering

    Optimum ProWipers products can be used within any food and catering environment. Whether it is a Tufwipe or Resource wipe, the products within this core range are strong and non-abrasive so ideal for a variety of wiping applications within the catering environment.

  • Industrial


    Our product range caters for the most demanding industrial and manufacturing sites. Whether it is ResourceRag, Resourcewipe or Tufwipe, the products within the Core Range can be used as rag alternatives or as a superior option in place of standard paper wiping products.


    Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes (HORECA)

    To ensure exceptional hygiene in hotels, restaurants and cafe environments, Optimum ProWipers offers a complete range of non-woven tissue and wipes that are highly absorbent and extremely effective in dealing with liquids like oil and grease. Our Absorba wipes are fully maceratable and easily disposed of, making this range the ideal choice where hygiene and performance are essential. The colour coded Smartwipe is particularly good for food and catering, available in four different colours it allows zero cross contamination, plus it is a centrefeed product.


  • Medical


    Optimum ProWipers offer a comprehensive range of products to meet the demands of the medical sector. Our range includes colour coded wipes designed to prevent cross- contamination and ensure outstanding levels of hygiene and safety within medical environments.


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