Old pipework + increased washroom usage + slow degradation = expensive blockages!

Which can be annoying! Especially when you are recognised as being one of the world leaders in plastic injection moulding and tools, winning design awards for office furniture and  supplying many of the major white goods manufacturers with plastic surrounds.

There are a thousand and one things that need attending to and yet the one that keeps coming up as a priority was the fact that washroom toilets are blocked. Definitely annoying!

RGE Group, a family owned business with forty five years of experience in their sector, are headquartered in Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire. There are three other UK sites including one at Whittlesey with others around the world. Both Godmanchester and Whittlesey sites have around 150 staff at each location and the washroom provision at both was suffering from repeated blockages. Because of the possible health and safety problems as well as the sheer inconvenience for the work force, these had to be dealt with as quickly as possible. This involved calling in specialist drain clearing companies at a considerable cost and the frequency of such incidents was beginning to average two call-outs a month.

Clearly the situation needed to be redressed. Rather than look for a piecemeal solution, Purchasing Administrator Mark Holgate decided to take a more holistic view with the objective of sorting the problem once and for all and as quickly and effectively as possible. His review showed that the company was being supplied by multiple companies none of whose various proposals had succeeded in alleviating the problem.

It was then he was contacted by Bay West and together they sat down to address the key problems. Firstly, it was decided that the washroom provision would be standardised to create an attractive, clean, safe environment that encouraged reduced wastage and greater levels of tidiness. Secondly, it was recognised that the blockages were the result of a combination of old pipework, increased usage as staff numbers at this successful business continued to grow and the fact that the paper being used emulsified and degraded too slowly.

It was decided to trial Bay West dispensing systems stocked with flushable 616 tissues, a tissue characterised by its ability to biodegrade in 19 seconds. The environmental credentials of Northwood Hygiene mirrored the desire of RGE to minimise pollution through their adoption of lean manufacturing techniques, so hopes were high that this combination of dispensing system and tissue would succeed where others had failed.

The results were both immediate and remarkable. As predicted, the washrooms were left much cleaner and tidier than previously, reducing the time required to maintain hygiene and presentation standards and the blockages were reduced to…nil, none, zero!

To date since their installation in 2013, there has been no instance of the need to employ the skills of specialist drain clearing companies at all. With a measured 15% reduction in wastage together with the savings of some £500 per month on the no longer needed drain clearing, the cost in use improvement has been dramatic, more than covering the initial higher cost of this highly effective 616 tissue.

Said Mark “We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Job done! Thank you Bay West”

For more information please contact Paul Mulready, Marketing Manager, Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd e-mail: paul.mulready@northwood.co.uk


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