There’s More To Great Washrooms Than Meets The Eye!

Whilst washroom users quite properly judge the acceptability and prestige (or otherwise!) of the washroom provision by the types of dispensers, the cleanliness and the overall environment, the management behind that washroom know that those perceptions are the result of a carefully assessed partnership between manufacturers, distributors and end users.

With talk of international trading agreements being torn up and the possibility of degrees of national protectionism being introduced, the ability of manufacturers to control their own supply chain suddenly becomes a much more important consideration.

Which is one of the many benefits of Northwood Hygiene Products moving from their existing Telford site to a 250,000sq ft purpose designed facility nearby.

Consistency, quality control and reliability are perhaps the less heralded aspects of the purchasing decisions when sourcing hand drying and toilet requirements in the Away from Home (AfH) sector, but they are vital to any successful supplier, distributor, end-user relationship.

Northwood Hygiene Products have implemented and refined their upstream vertical integration strategy to provide more certainty to the AfH disposable paper products sector in the UK. It means that they are more able to deliver continuity of supply as well as having the ability to ride some of the wilder swings in the market. Of course they are also part of the global commodities market where price fluctuations due to currency exchange rates, transport costs and supply issues are a fact of life and they, like everyone else, are not immune from the consequences.

However, by being able in the UK to exercise real control over the collection of the waste paper requirement, its’ subsequent recycling and conversion into mother reels and on to the manufacture of its well-regarded Leonardo, Bay West and Essential hand towels and toilet tissues, Northwood Hygiene Products is better placed than most to be able ensure the smooth delivery of quality products to the market.

So whether or not it’s the aesthetics of the washroom are the key concern, or its the need to project the environmental awareness that it is an organisations corporate DNA, there are basic requirements that are largely common to all washrooms .

Wastage must always be kept to a minimum. Dispensers featuring single sheet presentation cuts down overuse and leads to tidier washrooms. That’s important too, because with the proposed increases in the living wage, extra productivity will be essential if margins are to be preserved in a price competitive market. So the less time needed in actual cleaning the better. Similarly, easy to fit, monitor and maintain soap dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers as well the hand towel dispensers all aid greater efficiency which leads to another of the universal requirements, excellent cost in use performance.

Both the Leonardo and Bay West dispensing systems offer robust dispensers that are designed to make life as easy as possible for the front line operatives with a minimal training requirement. So with operating costs under control and an excellent supply chain, the washroom users can continue to make their value judgements as to the washroom as they have always done. With their eyes alone!

For more information please contact Paul Mulready, Marketing Manager, Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd e-mail

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