1ml Hand Sanitiser Sachets

1ml Sachets

Keep skin clean and hydrated on the go with our 70% alcohol sanitising sachets.

  • 70% alcohol
  • For cleaning hands without water
  • Completely removes dirt
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Dries in seconds
  • Suitable for all skin types

Product Code: SANX400

Case Qty:400 Units
Pallet Qty:60 Cases

500ml Hand Sanitisers


Quick and effective 70% alcohol gel, ideal for food preparation, production and serving, along with non-surgical patient care establishments.

  • Quick-acting and effective alcohol gel
  • Rapidly evaporates without leaving residue
  • Unperfumed
  • Ideal for use in non-surgical patient care establishments

Product Code: SAN5012

Units per Pack:
12 Units
Packs per Pallet:100

Hand Sanitiser range

5L / 250ml / 500ml

Kills 99.9% of Gram+ and Grambacteria within 15 seconds.

Enriched with glycerin and lemon essential oil for an effective sanitising and purifying action.

  • Meets EN1276 & EN1500 standards
  • Alcohol-based (70%) formulation for extra protection
  • Contains emollient to help moisturise skin to prevent drying and cracking
  • Alcohol-based formulation (>70%) for extra protection
  • Easily absorbed
  • Organic Basil water and Aloe Vera juice helps to keep skin moisturised

5L / Product Code: SANALC5

Case Qty:2 Units
Pallet Qty:80 Cases

500ML / Product Code: SAN500

Case Qty:18 Units
Pallet Qty:48 Cases

250ML / Product Code: SAN250

Case Qty:35 Units
Pallet Qty:48 Cases