One of only a small handful of companies in the UK market that is fully vertically integrated; Northwood is involved at each point in the supply chain, from raw material supply, tissue and towel manufacturing, end user product converting, storage and transportation.

Northwood Recycling’s head office is in Disley, the 48 acre site is an integral part of Northwood’s vertically integrated supply chain. Annually Northwood Recycling, recycle over 100,000 tonnes of recovered fibre from all around the British Isles.

Recycling process
  • 80% of our products are made from recycled paper
  • Northwood are fully integrated with a low carbon footprint
  • UK manufacturer
  • Other so-called ‘green’ products such as bamboo originate from the Far East
  • Local recycling and manufacturing is a sustainable approach to production

Our Process

Environmental Process