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In today’s world, where competition is ever higher, individuality and experience are valued above everything else.

We propose you to create experiences with your brand. See napkins and placemats as a service beyond a simple single-use cleaning. Be different, personalise.

Personalise your own napkins and placemats

Creating your own range, consistent with your entire business, can be the key for attracting and drawing in more customers.

At Northwood Manipa we offer napkins with different qualities, very absorbent, highly fluffy, and durable. You will also find good quality placemats made of recycled paper with an embossed finish and different weights.

Products Guaranteed by Our Certifications

At Northwood Manipa, we are manufacturing experts of napkins, placemats and paper hygiene products with the highest protection, quality, sustainability and innovation.

We are unique in the FSC® certification for all our products in order to guarantee the environmental protection.

All our products are contact food certified and they are guaranteed by our 3G certification = Green Energy + Green people + Green Paper.

Our Certifications


We guarantee that, thanks to our traceability process, the origin of raw materials is managed in a sustainable manner, and it provides environmental, social, and economic benefits.


BRC certification guarantees safety and hygiene in paper handling and the flexographic printing process.


Our range of ecological paper is made with materials of ecological origin 3G = Green Energy + Green People + Green Paper.

The Greenest Products

100% Biodegradable

It is the ability of our napkins and tablecloths to be biodegraded. It is a natural process in which a material, due to biological action, changes and generally loses its original properties.

100% Ecological

Compostable means that a material can be degraded by the action of organisms, that is, biologically, producing carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass in a controlled period of time.

100% Recyclable

Napkins and tablecloths whose raw material is 100% recycled materials. Its composition contributes to the protection of the environment.

100% Ecological

We use materials that develop (growth and production) without any artificial intervention, therefore following a production process that respects the environment.


A brand that unites art with the business tradition of paper handling. We are also committed to product customization, meticulousness, design and creativity. Flexibility, precision, innovation and design are our greatest virtues.


From the most premium quality to the basic range, Northwood Manipa provides an answer to all its customers’ needs. We are experts in manufacturing napkins with the greatest protection, quality and sustainability. With their wide variety of colors, our napkins have their place in the decoration of any type of event, providing a touch of elegance and sophistication.


Our placemats are all made from 100% recycled paper manufactured in Northwood Manipa, guaranteeing the 3G process throughout its manufacturing. They are characterized by embossing that gives them volume and they are very absorbent. Our ability to personalize them and create decorations gives us a high added value.

Saten & Profilers

Two brands where you will find hygiene products, designed for the needs of the most stricts users. You can use them in different areas: professional or personal. At Northwood Manipa, we take care of the environment. That is why all our products are manufactured in an ecological and safe way.

Roll Towels

Satén roll towels, available in different sizes, papers, and layers, are a very common multi-use product in professional spaces. At Northwood Manipa we offer reliable rolls with which you will obtain the most efficient cleaning and drying.

Folded Towels

At Satén we offer a wide range of folded towels. Available in one or two layers. Their absorption capacity and resistance make them the perfect drying element for any professional space. Present since phase 1 of manufacturing, at Northwood Manipa we ensure quality products that will achieve all the expectations of our customers.

Medical Towels

Airlaid ProWipers rolls are designed to achieve the needs of the most demanding environments. Manufactured with a specific process to make them especially strong and durable. The paper remains resistant both wet and dry and offers supreme absorbency suitable for use with chemical products such as oil and grease, as well as for the food sector.

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