Embracing Sustainability
at Every Turn

We are proud to be leading the way in adopting a more sustainable approach within our industry.

Every year we sell 60 million units of finished products to the retail sector. Thanks to our continued environmental efforts, there is a green story behind every single product.


A Circular Approach to Waste Management

Recycling plays a pivotal role in Northwood’s sustainability strategy. We don’t just manage waste; we aim to give it a second life. Our advanced recycling initiatives transform waste materials into valuable resources, reducing landfill burden and conserving natural resources. It’s a circular approach that benefits both the environment and our business, making sustainability a win-win proposition.

Our Responsibilities

We are proud to be leading the way in… within our industry.
Whether it be internal or external auditing and testing, we are market-leading.

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BRCGS Certified

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FSC Certified

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Sedex Certified

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RSPO Certified

Internal Testing

Our objective is to ensure that we supply our customers with top-quality products, taking preventative and corrective actions for continuous improvement. We carry out a variety of testing against specifications. Last year, we carried out >12,000 tests and >800 test panels.

Northwood within the community

  • We are proud to support our local community.
  • Every year we donate product to food banks and charities – link to Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • World Cancer 5K Challenge

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