As a leading UK manufacturer of hygiene paper products, sustainability runs through the core of our business and we are leading the way in contributing towards the circular economy.

We have set ambitious targets to minimise our impact, as work tirelessly to provide sustainable solutions for our customers to minimise theirs.

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Sustainability runs strong throughout the Northwood businesses

We tackle sustainability by ensuring the principles of circularity run through our business, whether its considering the energy used in product, the raw materials and design of our products, or the consideration of what happens at a products end of life. As a leading manufacturer of recycled tissue, this theme runs strong throughout the Northwood businesses.

Accreditations & Certifications

We are proud to be leading the way in… within our industry.
Whether it be internal or external auditing and testing, we are market-leading.

Energy & Carbon

Having heavily invested in off-grid energy generation within the Northwood group and REGO backed electricity across all UK operations, continued investment in state-of-the-art capability both at our paper mills and converting sites, Northwood places heavy focus on delivering products and solutions with minimal carbon impact.

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Sustainable Products

Our vertically integrated, heavily UK based supply chain with state of the art capability demonstrates our commitment to developing and manufacturing products that offer genuine end user benefits that optimises washroom and janitorial operations, whether it be solutions in consumption control, waste reduction or material innovation.

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Trees for cities

With every new dispenser contract, we pledge to plant a tree in partnership with Trees for Cities.

The only UK charity to be making an impact here in the UK as well as internationally, Trees for Cities have planted over 1.5 million trees since 1993.

End of Life

As a vertically integrated business, Northwood Hygiene are able to recycle 94% of our operational waste via our own paper mills. In 2023 less than 0.3% of our total waste went to landfill, and we continue to push for improvement. Northwood also offers a range of end of life solutions for our customers to improve their own circularity and help them to meet their own waste reduction targets.

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Green Loop

Promoting circularity & diverting waste from landfill to minimise environmental impact.

The Green Loop initiative offers a recycling function for both old dispensers when replacing them with our system products and a closed loop function turning plastic inserts, into the next generation of inserts for our washroom system ranges.


Northwood works with a number of charities on a national and local level to drive meaningful impact on our communities, such as our partnership with Trees for Cities.

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