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Operating since 1974, we blend quality, innovation & sustainability to offer an unparalleled range of paper products including, facial tissues, toilet roll & kitchen towels.


Northwood Consuma Tissue is proud to be an employer of choice in the Lincolnshire area. Our Grantham site is a centre of excellence for Facial Tissue and we service many of todays largest retailers

Ellesmere Port

Northwood Consuma Tissue have recently opened a new manufacturing site in Ellesmere port. We have invested in state-of-the-art new manufacturing machinery for rolled products, manufacturing toilet tissue and kitchen towel.

Facial Tissue

Gentle comfort for everyday use

Discover our range of Facial Tissues tailored for the retail market. Crafted with precision, these tissues deliver a level of softness and absorbency that stands unmatched. Offering an optimal blend of comfort and functionality, they are the consumer’s first choice for daily skincare needs.


Kitchen Towel

Greater absorbency and durability providing enhanced everyday performance

Northwood’s Retail Solutions are designed to bring the best in hygiene and comfort right to the everyday consumer’s doorstep. Our range of kitchen towel products combine exceptional absorbency with unparalleled durability.


Toilet Tissue

Unmatched Softness

Our retail line of Toilet Tissue goes beyond the basics to offer unparalleled comfort and softness.



Focus on a Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability is evident across our entire retail product line and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our environmental credentials and approach.

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