The Essential Range of Disposable Tissue

For some customers the absence of a recognised environmentally aware accreditation is a deal breaker when it comes to the supply of disposable washroom and wiping products.

For others outstanding green credentials are, of course, still appreciated, but reality sometimes demands they are viewed as being perhaps less of a priority when high usage volumes dictate that outstanding cost in use performance has to be the prime consideration.

What both ends of the market needs is an everyday product that can be used successfully almost everywhere, together with truly competitive pricing.

This is the world of Essentials, Northwood Hygiene’s everyday range of tissue that has achieved the highest environmental accreditation available for the large scale manufacturing of tissue products.

Most of the products in this wide range are pre-dominantly made from recycled material that has been ethically sourced from reputable mills supplying consistently high quality raw material. Most of it from Northwood’s own mills. An area of forest the size of 1,000 football pitches is left standing every time 30,000 tonnes of recycled is used instead of pure of pulp. That fact that has helped contribute to Essentials earning the European Eco-Label accreditation.

As is the fact that the sizes of the parent reels from which the final product is manufactured are varied to meet the requirements of each of those differing products so that usage is maximised and wastage minimised. If there are any offcuts, then they are recycled back into the process, so…zero waste!

The Essentials range is a wide one. All are classified as being food safe so are a mainstay of the catering and food processing sectors and all meet the CHSA soft tissue standards. What is says on the label is what you get!

Under that universal umbrella of values there is a tremendous range of sizes and types of toilet tissue, hand towels and surface wiping products, along with a complementary range of durable, easy to maintain dispensers, many of which are lockable. A very useful attribute in some locations.

So be it catering, healthcare, manufacturing, offices, education, in fact just about anywhere, there is sure to be an Essential “Away from Home” tissue product that will deliver a cost efficient and environmentally assured solution to meet the washroom and surface wiping needs.

Want to know more? The new Essentials website is now fully operational. All the ranges, all the options and a guide as to the most appropriate product for various sectors are all easily accessible. The social media links are embedded there and you can also sign up to receive product updates as they become available.

One last thing you might read there which demonstrates that being truly environmentally responsible is rather more than just ticking boxes, Northwood Logistics that deliver the Essentials orders have vehicles that are Euro 6 compliant and meet the London Low Emission conditions. Oh and they avoid empty runs!

That’s taking being green seriously!

For more information please contact Paul Mulready, Marketing Manager, Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd. E-mail