Whisper – the new Single Source Premium Tissue Range from Northwood

Successfully launched with some acclaim at this year’s Cleaning Show on what was Northwood’s largest ever Stand, the new Whisper range of Away from Home (AfH) premium tissues is ideal for those facility managers tasked with supplying a quality product that still delivers impressive cost in use performance.

Whether it is a requirement for washrooms, hotel rooms, leisure facilities, the care sector or indeed anywhere else where the expectation of quality is high, then the Whisper range is designed to meet that need.

Whisper Gold is a 3ply toilet tissue of exceptional softness which is due to a combination of a high quality pure pulp base sheet which features a contemporary micro-embossed pattern coupled with the further refinement of added lamination.

The resulting luxury tissue stands comparison with any in the market, which is why this exceptional offering sits so comfortably in those key customer-facing locations where quality is the norm.

Sophisticated and discerning clients of quality hotels, up-market leisure facilities and restaurants, as well as modern office developments expect that perception of quality to be in evidence in every aspect of the operation. Whisper Gold, discreet, soft and strong and attractively packaged, will not disappoint, making its own contribution to the aura of a brand positioning that makes luxury a key requirement.

But there is more to the new range than Whisper Gold and its slightly smaller sized, competitively priced but similarly specified cousin, Whisper Ultra.

2ply variants such as Whisper Silver and Whisper Soft mean that the range is more than capable of delivering cost effective quality toilet tissue to a whole range of washrooms.

Whisper Soft is a longer roll that helps reduce the number of required maintenance replenishment visits, whilst Whisper Silver seeks to deliver an everyday luxury feel at an economic price point. Both acknowledge the need to deliver consistent cost in use figures that help justify the decision to upgrade to these highly desirable washroom disposables.

Should it be that a flat pack tissue be seen as the preferred option, then that is no problem either. A self-presenting contemporary styled box of tissues is part of the range. This flat pack option perfectly complements the rest of the Whisper range as a high quality alternative which again suits any contemporary facility.

There is also a Pillar Wrap version should that be considered to be more suitable to the need. Featuring a full 320 sheets it means that there is a reduced maintenance supervision requirement, important in these days when the increasing minimum living wage is adding to the squeeze on margins.

A further unique advantage is that the packaging design allows one roll to be dispensed with the remaining roll re-wrapped so that hygiene standards, always to the fore, are maintained.

This may be particularly useful in those locations such as the care sector, where the stated acceptable hygiene delivery perhaps does not demand or justify the very highest hygiene level, it is nonetheless desirable to achieve beyond the more usual everyday norm.

Whisper Facial Tissues with their superior soft feel are 2ply pure pulp tissue. The range, boxed in modern and attractive packaging, includes standard size boxes, cubed and a larger sheets presentation that are all designed for use in the most exclusive of locations.

Like the rest of the range the facial tissues are suitable for use in the healthcare, hotel and beauty sectors, particularly so in areas where the customer interface demands the perception of care, quality and attention to detail are paramount.

Within that wide range of tissue there is an option or combination of options that surely will meet the needs of almost everyone.

Finally, well, for now at least, there is the Whisper Kitchen Towel. Northwood Hygiene has designed Whisper as a quality tissue offer that allows the possibility of single sourcing all of a customer’s AfH tissue requirements.

To do that successfully necessarily entails ensuring that within that offer is a kitchen towel that espouses the same care and quality in manufacture that defines the rest of the range.

Thus excellent absorbency, derived from the same lamination and micro-embossing process, means that fewer sheets are required per wiping task. So whether it is used in a kitchen or in a healthcare environment or a leisure facility, these well-presented and strong kitchen towels are both admirably effective as well as having the capability to further deliver the recognisable cost in use benefits that are a feature of the whole Whisper tissue range

Northwood has always been and continues to be focussed primarily on the UK hygienic disposables market. Its strategy has been to develop upstream integration that gives greater control over supply and the Company has thus become less vulnerable to sudden supply chain fluctuations. Of course it is not wholly immune to the vagaries of circumstance and exchange rates in the global market place, but with its own mills using its own sourced recycled paper, which is then despatched to its own converter operation by its own logistics company, it is in a very much better place than many of its competitors.

This new Whisper range launch comes with all the reassurance that is associated with the Northwood offer.

The new purpose designed 250,000 square foot facility recently opened in Telford is testament to the long term commitment of ever increasing efficiency and innovation.

Designed to give distributors and end users access to a huge range of differing products, it reflects and meets the wide ranging needs of almost all of the UK’s Away from Home (AfH) disposable tissue sector.

All that strategic thinking and organisation manifests itself in the brands that are recognised for their cost in use performance, aesthetic qualities and their ease of installation and maintenance.

Quality, strength, softness all packaged under a recognised, well-regarded and growing brand. That’s the newly updated Whisper Premium Tissue Range from Northwood Hygiene.

For more information please contact Paul Mulready, Marketing Manager, Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd e-mail paul.mulready@northwood.co.uk