Interclean is on the horizon

Interclean sees the launch of North Shore, the brand new range of dispensers from Northwood.

Available in three stunning colours, Midnight Black, Ice White and Ocean Blue they feature the Northwood lock out system widely acknowledged as being the best in the industry.
The Orbit toilet tissue dispenser has a large capacity of four toilet rolls, allowing up to 5000 sheets when full. The high capacity makes it particularly suitable for high traffic washrooms whilst the controlled dispensing reduces both product cost and wastage.

Hand towel dispensers include the space saving Micro Folded Towel, Mechanical Hands Free and the ultra-hygienic touch free, fully automatic, Hybrid dispenser.
The North Shore Impressions range of washroom consumables are designed to meet the expectations of the most discerning users. Silky soft, highly absorbent and with strong performance it delivers a quality feel to grace any customer facing environment.

North Shore carries the prestigious EU Ecolabel so that all the recycled paper and the eco foam soap have minimal environmental impact and pure pulp product is only sourced from sustainable suppliers.

Also, on the stand is the stunningly successful Whisper tissue range.

This high-quality product has quickly found its place in venues where the watchword is luxury. Offering a complete range including the popular 3 ply Whisper Gold which has a unique micro embossed pattern with added lamination and Whisper Classic, the 3 ply luxury flat sheet toilet roll.

Whatever the definition of good taste, these two ranges offer choice as well as style and performance, finding favour in such well-known venues as the Ritz, the Savoy, Gleneagles and countless other hotels and facilities where the clientele expect the very best.