Skilled Machine Operator

Job Description

As a Skilled Machine Operator, you will hold a pivotal role in the operation of high-speed machinery, demonstrating exceptional skill, precision, and expertise. Your primary responsibilities will include the safe, efficient, and effective running of manufacturing equipment. This entails not only maintaining the highest standards of quality but also adhering to safety protocols while demonstrating your expertise in troubleshooting and making adjustments when necessary.

Job Requirements

Essential requirements of a Skilled Machine Operator include:

  • Adhere to health, safety and quality protocols, safeguarding both your well-being and the integrity of our processes
  • Show proficiency in timely machine setup, minimising downtime, and maximising efficiency through collaborative teamwork
  • Operate and closely monitor state-of-the-art machinery to ensure seamless and efficient production runs
  • Demonstrate effective problem solving with the ability to identify the root cause using available tools such as the process fault tree
  • Carry out routine maintenance and precision cleaning of machinery to ensure optimal performance
  • Maintain accurate records of production output and downtime, collaborating with your team to achieve and surpass output targets
  • Conduct thorough pre-use checks of machinery, promptly identifying and addressing any potential issues or faults, showcasing your technical ability
  • Demonstrate your expertise by capably assisting in the loading and unloading of materials, optimising production flow
  • Undertake regular quality assessments of finished products, ensuring they consistently adhere to our high standards


Desirable Criteria:

Previous experience in manufacturing or production, or as a machine operator in an FMCG environment is desirable but not essential.

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